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It simply doesn't make much sense to buy a home in Minnesota and then leave it uninsured, or worse, purchase inadequate protection. Many homeowners may believe that they are covered, only to find out that they didn't read their policy very carefully, or that they neglected to buy the coverage that they needed.

Making sure that you're protected, making sure that your home insurer has your back against all likely hazards means reading the policy and calling your agent with any questions you might have. It means asking some of those questions before you've even purchased the policy, and it means being a responsible homeowner.

Adequate protection also means knowing your home's value. Not the price you paid for it, but what it's worth today. If you've done some extensive remodeling or the neighborhood prices have risen or fallen since you closed the sale, it may be worth the time to have your home reappraised. A home is an investment, and you want to protect that investment. If your home's value has doubled since you moved in, then it doesn't make a lot of sense to insure it for precisely what you paid for it.

Adequate protection also means making sure that you're covered for all of the side effects of a disaster. That often means rebuilding costs, and the funds to stay elsewhere in the meantime if need be.

Ultimately, it's about understanding the hazards that you face as a homeowner and carrying enough protection to buy yourself peace of mind. That's what we provide here at Veldhouse Insurance Agency in Minnesota. If you're looking to get covered, you can use our rating tool to find a quote on a home insurance policy, and if you have any questions, you can call us or stop by the Veldhouse Insurance Agency office, and we'll see what we can do to help.

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