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Flood Insurance

Floods are one of the most common natural disasters and can cause a lot more than just property damage. Without proper flood insurance, you can suffer severe personal and financial loss.

What You Should Know About Flood Insurance in Minnesota

Floods are not going to be covered under a standard home insurance policy, so if you want protection from this natural disaster, you are going to have to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. You also shouldn’t be relying on disaster assistance when it comes to helping after a flood. There is no assistance unless there is a disaster declared, and less than half of floods are declared disasters so that you will be on your own. If there is help available, it’s usually in the form of a loan and flood insurance can be much easier to deal with. Even if you don’t think your flood chances are very high and you live in a low-risk area, it’s still recommended to have flood insurance. There are plenty of flood claims that happen from a non-risk area. If you live in a high-risk area, you may even be required to purchase flood insurance as a condition of your mortgage.

Getting Flood Insurance in Minnesota

You can get flood insurance if your community is listed in the National Flood Insurance Program. Most communities in the state are listed, but you can contact an agent at Veldhouse Insurance Agency to see if you qualify. You can buy flood insurance directly from any licensed agent.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance policies come with two different coverage options. You can get coverage for your building, your personal property, or both. If you want broad protection, you should purchase both. Coverage can be available for your utility connections, mechanical equipment, appliances, and other personal belongings. Some items will be included under building coverage, while others are covered under contents coverage.

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